Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Visit Japan

Today i will talk about me,myself and I.Actually i am a pretty good simple person,humble and also loyal,a little bit fun and also fierce....hehehehe....but don't just simply judge a book by it's cover....u have to get close with me then only u may know how i am exactly.

There're allot of things i love to do in my life,one of them is '"TRAVELLING"....ok lets talk about travelling...there are a few places that I've  ever been before..."TRAVELLING" give me opportunity to see a different country,culture,weather,foods and also biological aspect. Here I attached the pictures some of the places that I've visited before....enjoy k.....;)

                                                 This is Sakuragicho Station In Tokyo,Japan.

                                                                me and sisters at Yokohama


                                                I'am enjoying Japanese food

                                           Me(facing back) at Shibuya Street,Tokyo.Lots of crowded.


                                                         Fujikyu Highland

                                                        What a havoc cars izit??? I love this

                                             Durian is very expensive there RM100/pc

 That's all for today..... tomorrow i will upload more pictures with different places......now  i have to continue my work....c ya...:) 

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