Monday, 8 August 2011

I Am Heel Crazie

I was a fan of high heels and I knew every women like them too and I'm sure every woman must have at least a pair of high I right? come in many fashionable high heels nowadays, there is 


 some platforms,

 some bootie style,

 the rock,

 the nerd,

 the red,

the white

The black, 

the plain, a pattern,

 beautiful, ugly,

 expensive, inexpensive, and many more. just provide the money and u can have it and you are free to wear it in any situation, where and any time u want to.

Pendek kata i boleh gila meroyan tengok kasut2 nih....seme pun cantik2....cuma duit jer tak berapa cantik....if i can i would like to buy every single shoes above....but duit ku tak mengizinkan....dapat sepasang pun jadik la.....:(

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